Pseudo boehmite

Pseudo boehmite is made of alumina (AlO) and is supplied as loosely agglomerated spray-dried white powders. It is widely used as the raw material of catalyst. For example, pseudo boehmite can be used as binder for catalysts and adsorbents. And it is also a common material for catalyst carrier and ceramic corundum grinding material. Different pseudo boehmite products are supplied based upon their different chemical property and physical property. Currently, we developed WISH 6001-6008, and those products can be applied into different industry areas. Our focus was on developing and producing pseudo boehmite with a large pore volume and a large pore size. We also have done research on improving the adhesive property of our products. We provide pseudo boehmite with different bore diameter and specific surface in order to meet your needs.

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Zeolites are made of AlO4 and SiO4, which are synthetic aluminosilicate minerals with tetrahedra crystalline solids structures. It has arranged pores which can separate molecules with different sizes or shapes. And we can develop various types of zeolite based on the ratio of silicon and aluminum, such as A zeolite, X zeolite, Y zeolite, M zeolite, ZSM-5 Zeolite, etc. Zeolite has many applications include drying, absorption and separation, and catalyst, in chemical industry due to its unique absorption, cation exchange, and catalyst properties. Our zeolite product is supplied as zeolite powder and shaped zeolite. Based upon the difference of chemical component and roasting temperature, the color of zeolite powders is shown as white, gray, and faint yellow. The shaped zeolite products can be varied and customized according to your requirements. We have been focusing on the development of nano ZSM-5 zeolite, high ratio of silicon and aluminum Y zeolite and other products. We have already acquired research patent in related products in China.

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Catalyst carrier, or catalyst support, is the material can increase the activity of catalyst by playing a role of high surface delivery media for catalyst involving with support. We mainly produce γ- Al2O3 catalyst carrier and zeolite catalyst carrier. The products are made of pseudo boehmite with medium or large pore size and dehydrated under certain temperature after shaped, according to the final application of the products. The shaped catalyst carrier products can be varied and customized according to your requirements.

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